Dexter Cattle Club of Tennessee

The Dexter Cattle Club of Tennessee's mission is to enhance the economic value and ownership benefits for owners/breeders of Dexter Cattle within Tennessee and Beyond..,
To that end, the "DCCT" aims:

1) To explore and possibly implement group marketing services to all members

2) To support ethical breeding and cattle keeping practices through information sharing and education.

3) To support the development of youth and open opportunities to exhibit and/or compete Dexter Cattle

4) To promote the Dexter breed for the collective benefit of all members

​Please enjoy your visit to our website and we hope you choose to join our club. It is for the mutual benefit of all members regardless if your Dexters are registered with the ADCA, PDCA or Legacy and even if they are not registered¬† or are crossbreds. We value your partnership in this journey to make Dexter ownership not only enjoyable but profitable and self sustaining.